Ayurveda in Macedonia was first introduced in the time of Alexander of Macedon. Mon war with India, Alexander took ayurvedic doctors from India with him to treat his army. Those same doctors when they arrived in Greece they established a new system of treatment called UNANI medicine. Planet Ayurveda

UNANI medicine is actually a modification of Ayurveda. In ayurvedic ancient text mention few that come from Macedonia and described in their tracks. For example, as it is described Lavender plant comes from the beautiful mountains of origin Alexander. Unfortunately many of these testimonials are lost in history, and traditionally combinations of herbs remained unregistered. So after many years Ayurveda in 2006 again represented in Macedonia by us.  We started very modestly with a small shops and a great desire to spread Ayurveda in Macedonia.

Today after 11 years you can say that Ayurveda is spreading quickly and benefits are felt from all must all our clients. We managed to create a center of 400 m2, and we have visiting doctor from India every 3-4 months, the place where the ancient Indian knowledge Ayurveda comes from. Dr.Vikram Chauhan, Dr. Madan Gulati, Dr. Menakshi Chauhan are few of the visiting doctors that are coming to Skopje. In colaboration whit Planet Ayurveda WHYAYUR is here to help you solve your health problem throw herbs and life style changes. Our team has many years of experience in Ayurveda treatment and with over 40 different herbal ayurvedic supplements with various use guarantee for our success.

Our goal is to enable citizens of Europe and beyond to get the same services that would have received in India but with improved service and quality.

Our mission is to be interpreted in Europe as a preventive method for beauty and health for citizens as well as to give them longevity and healthier life.

Our vision is Planet Ayurveda  to become synonymous in the Europe in the field of alternative medicine.



Team Planet Ayurveda

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