Back in the year of 2006 Carolina Kichevska, in the need of help from her chronic disease, stumbled on the oldest discipline for enhancing human health- Ayurveda. After her successful recovery, she became the founder of “Planet Ayurveda” in Macedonia. With the enormous support and patience provided by MD. Vikram Chauhan, Carolina Kichevska became an experience Ayurvedic practitioner spreading the blessing of the knowledge among the Macedonian people.
Practicing Ayurveda is a never ending process, and after long but pleasant 10 years of teaching and training, in 2016 she was rewarded with a official diploma titled “Ayurvedic Practitioner”. Her Ayurvedic knowledge is based on the everyday contacts and informations gathered from her Ayurvedic patients.
Carolina’s experience can help You deal with chronic ailments by combining different remedies, diet and additionally recommend some proven home remedies.

None the less, she could help point You to Your most natural way of living, thereby preventing your health issues and prolonging your life expectancy.

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