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When the digestion process is disrupted, there are dangerous digestion issues. The Ayurvedic herbal remedies can resolve indigestion and enhance the digestive fire in the body with high success rate.

These are the best 3 herbal combinations, which energies combined support the digestion tract. 100% natural, suitable for all age groups and genders. No side effects.


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Digestion support – is a herbal formulation containing Amlaki (Emblica officianalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellarica), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), Dhania (Coriandrum sativum), Piipali (Piper longum), Jeerak (cuminum cyminum). Contributes to the health of the digestive tract and help to eliminate digestive disconfort.

Agnitundi Vati – is a traditional Ayurvedic fomulation used to help in weak digestion and help in strengthening the digestive capability of intestines. This is purely a herbal formulation containing many herbs which support the digestive system.

Vara churna – better known as Triphala powder is a blend of most popular Ayurvedic herbs Haritaki, Bhibhitaki and Amalaki. Helps to balance digestive gas levels. Helps maintain digestive functioning, comfort and natural stool. Helps to maintain bowel function.


  1. Agnitundi Vati – 2 Capsules three times per day with plain water.
  2. Digestion Support – 2 Capsules, twice daily.
  3. Vara Churna – 1 Tea spoonful, two times in a day, every day.
S.No. Products Quantity
1 Agnitundi Vati 2 Bottles (240 Tablets)
2 Digestion Support 2 Bottles (120 Capsules)
3 Vara Churna 1 Pack (200 gm)
  • 100 % natural products
  • Maintains healthy digestive system
  • Formulated by MD Ayurveda doctors
  • Supports abdominal organs
  • 100 % vegetarian formulations.
  • Free from chemicals, preservatives, starch, additives, colors, yeast, binders, fillers
  • All herbs have distinct explanation in ancient Ayurvedic literature
  • Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Medicine, Herbal supplements, Ayurveda Medicine for health care
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